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Founded by a group of experienced and committed globalists with enough tenacity and resilience to believe in positive changes. The purpose of the Danish Chamber of Commerce Angola is to promote business, social, cultural, arts and sports relations between Denmark and Angola, under one umbrella organisation. DANCHAM will be organising and participate in activities in Angola and beyond borders in order to foster relationships and strengthen the core interests of its members.


Build and promote a sustainable, transparent and progressive business, cultural and social relationships between Denmark and Angola.


To continuously be the most progressive, dynamic and inclusive business community in the country of Angola.

Consulting Services

Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

We have created hundreds of market intelligence reports related to growth opportunities in numerous industries for more than a decade.

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Growth and marketing strategy

Growth strategy is at the heart of what we've done in various business sectors in Angola since 2005. We help companies to reach full potential in their core business and pursue adjacencies that strengthen the core using a repeatable formula that aligns with the market conditions.

Business Incorporation

We can offer a complete business incorporation solution that includes everything from A-Z. Our services includes: Angolan company incorporation, trademark registration, business bank accounts, employee recruitment, visas, insurance, transport, housing, ect.


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Condomínio Bengo, Rua Fernão de Sousa, Edifício A, 9° andar, Escritório D

Vila Alice, Luanda, Angola